Muscle training device

Abs Stone is a new latest-generation fitness machine for professional athletes and for all who wish to preserve the beauty and attractiveness of their bodies without wasting many hours in gyms.


Just 23 minutes a day for a perfect body.

10 times cheaper than gym membership

Direct impact on muscles

Active fat burning through muscle work

Selective fat burning on desired areas

Is it possible to improve a body relief, doing the exercises at home for 23 minutes per day? Of course, such training will benefit the health but essentially nothing changes visually. But if you try out the Abs Stone, the effect will be impressive! What represents Abs Stone?

After activation, Abs Stone starts to give impulses with a determined frequency, which forces the muscles to contract, even if you are resting. This allows using the simulator for passive fitness and training in any conditions. All you have to do is to fit the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles.

Workout Always and Everywhere

Due to Abs Stone compact size you can work out anytime and anywhere no one will notice it under the clothes

The low frequency is suitable up to 23 minutes for one time 2-3 times a day. The device will shut down automatically after you finished one-time training

It's for body muscle training, losing weight, the tighten shape for men and slimming effect for women. Abs Stone is suitable for abs, arm, waist, and leg muscles training

Abs Stone conveys to body a microcurrent signal, which belongs to the low frequency. This signal can only be applied to the muscle layer, it forces the muscle to move

For stimulating abdominal muscles, there are 6 exercise modes, which provide intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation. You can choose the most suitable way for you

Abs Stone is a new latest-generation fitness machine that combines many features.

More than 120 studies and 360 scientific researches were used in the development of Abs Stone.

More than 1240 gyms around the world use Abs Stone for specialized fight against excess weight in cases when physical activities are contraindicated.

Abs Stone - a guarantee of fast results!

Change your lifestyle tomorrow by purchasing comfortable muscle training device today! Three simple and sufficient steps for you to enter an efficient and enjoyable Abs Stone experience:

1- Place your order through this page to reserve the item
2- Get the item with the courier delivery service directly to your home
3- Start a new life without procrastination

Free delivery service

Payment upon receiving

Quality guarantee

Advantages of using Abs Stone:

Healthy and safe for the body. Pulse stimulation is localized at specific points and doesn't affect other parts of the body.

Stimulates muscle contraction in precise, high-frequency doses, ensuring the desired result.

The process of burning fat is concentrated locally on places where the accumulation of fat was detected.

It can be used as a basic way to exercise or as an additional mean of exercising in gym or at home.

Miniature fitness exercises: how to maintain body strength and health daily and throughout the week!

Rolf Stoltz, Fitness Instructor - Dresden / Germany

My name is Rolf, I am a professional fitness trainer at the "Iron Fist" club. I devoted my entire life to sports. In my youth, I played athletics and later moved on to bodybuilding. After a series of competitions and performances I turned to fitness exercises. Today I am considered one of the club's main coaches.

Now, at the age of forty, I am in an even bigger need to maintain my body's strength and health in a good condition. It is not just my professional career, but also my health. Every athlete understands the importance of maintaining the correct pattern so that he does not neglect himself and gradually turns into a store of fat. For me, I found the perfect solution with Abs Stone.

In the gym, I devote most of my time to the visitors I train and giving advises, and in the evening, I prepare for a graduate diploma and spend time with my family. I almost did not find the time for fitness exercises, so I decided to acquire Abs Stone online after I got to know about it through the pages that are related to everything new in the world of sports on the Internet. What do i do now? - I am doing a combination of training in the gym and personal use of Abs Stone muscle trainer while studying and sitting in front of the computer screen. After using the device for nearly half of a year, I can say that the results are great! As the time needed to perform the exercises decreased in half and there was no increase in weight or any change in the external strength of the body.

My personal opinion! I see it as a great solution if you are out of time for workout in gym. The results are guaranteed and in a short period of time ...Now I can prove this with my personal experience.

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